Therese Benedict

#1 Best-Selling Author and Clairvoyant

Therese is a world-renown clairvoyant and spiritualist who has helped many people throughout her career. She is a #1 Best Selling author and a Congressman’s Medal of Merit Award winner.

With her compassionate heart and down-to-earth approach, Therese is committed to her soul mission of helping to bring healing messages to all those in need.

Therese caters to large and small audiences around the world by sharing her knowledge through live readings, lectures and workshops.

Days Go By, Not Love

Therese Benedict is a #1 Best-Selling Author & Clairvoyant with an undeniable gift. Throughout every moment of her life, Therese works endlessly with the angelic realm to bring love, peace, and healing of past and present to help change your wrong actions to right by giving you the knowledge of the wrong and giving you the answers to the right.

Therese communicates with God and his angels through many divine channels including seeing, speaking, hearing and through physical and spiritual healing. Her book was written from the loving words of God to help people learn how to think about their actions in their life with bringing insight of the hurt that is being caused which is unknown to them.

Days Go By, Not Love will give you the steps to start changing your life to love and to forgive yourself of your past and present actions. To help you change those actions to beauty. 

Days Go By, Not Love – The Beginning of Your Journey is the first book of four and is the foundation for beginning your first steps to change.



What a wonderful world this could be ❤️ ... See MoreSee Less
May this new year bring beautiful change in your life. May you see the beauty that lies within you. May you give kindness, love, understanding and compassion to its fullest. May we use the new year to to show us who we are and make the weak strong and the strong stronger. To show us we can sharpen the good and to acknowledge what needs to be changed. To care of our-self in the right manner and not an ego platform. To show us that when we love our-self right, we can love other better. To a year of beautiful change! ❤️ ... See MoreSee Less

The First Chapter

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Your Daily Inspiration

Therese is a firm believer that words have power and even simple ones can change your life. Change the way you think, and change your life. Be positive, to others and to yourself, and the world will reciprocate.

Make Someone Smile

May we take this start of a work week a make it successful in many directions: accomplishments , making someone smile, being inspirational not only for ourself but for others as well. May we see the miracles that happen for us daily. It doesn’t need to be big to be seen and even the small ones are beautiful.

The Power Of Hugs

May your day be one of someone giving the feeling of being loved. To be held to know it is going to be ok. It is always a blessing giving these gifts to someone and not only need them ourselves. So today let’s reach out to someone who needs a hug or let someone comfort us when needed. Have a gorgeous and amazing day.

Purpose In Life

Always know that you have an important purpose in life. There are times that it feels as though you are looking through a thick fog to see the purpose but keep looking, for the fog will lift and your purpose will shine in the light. And if others do not see your purpose, do not worry because your eyes are the ones that matter before anyone else’s.

Care To Be Kind

May today be a day that see compassion at new levels. May we see that more people truly care to be kind and stop acting out on their pain. May those who are carrying pain let someone help ease that pain, so they can that pain be healed.

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